Thought Leadership

4 04, 2019

Beauty and Strength of a Rational Company

2019-04-04T01:46:27+03:00Thought Leadership|0 Comments

Any entrepreneur considers his business venture as a child which is taken care on a 24/7 basis aiming to grow it strong, healthy, effective and even causing friends’ envy. What defines the difference between successfully grown or badly behaving “children” and a costly, unsuccessful venture? How to develop it uniquely well in [...]

4 04, 2019

Introverts? Companies can be as well!

2019-04-04T00:51:38+03:00Thought Leadership|0 Comments

How can organizational culture be described without using formalized definitions and academic jargon? Culture is the name for an organization’s inner world, which consists of human feelings and attitudes towards colleagues and the organization itself. The inner world defines the pattern of interaction, trust, and cooperation forming an organizational identity. Identity is [...]

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