28 03, 2023

Three Reasons Why Many Leaders Are Afraid Of The Future – CEOWORLD

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Introduction: Managers are responsible for the present. Leaders are responsible for the future. This simple definition draws a line between one who manages certainty and one who leads into uncertainty. This core difference may sound simple, yet, many leaders are afraid of the future. This fear blocks leadership qualities in many people. [...]

5 03, 2023

Three Challenges That Many Businesses Face In Turbulent Times – CEOWORLD

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Introduction:  All businesses face a myriad of problems that, like midges, suck blood and energy from them. Having problems is normal unless they turn into deadly challenges. Challenges demand not problem-solving but solution-finding which allows for eradicating a potential threat in the long term. Finding a solution begins with pattern recognition as [...]

10 06, 2022

Banking Your Vision: How to Calculate a Monetary Value of a Vision

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Introduction:  Companies with a strong and compelling vision show 20-30 times higher market value than companies with just a great product. For instance, Tesla attained a $1.25 trillion valuation which exceeds all other major car producers combined. Such capitalization is greatly bankable because of Tesla’s vision to create a new standard of [...]