Thinkers 50 – Creating and executing a company’s vision is an integral part of corporate leadership. Oleg Konovalov has pioneered research on organizational typology and puts vision into the spotlight, elevating it beyond a mere mission statement to its rightful place as a fundamental element of long-term success. His work explores how leaders can use vision as the most powerful tool for overall personal and corporate success.

TEDxNyarugengeWomen – Women make leadership flourish. Women-leaders have six traits that are very critical for vision creation and execution that allow them to create something incredible and so valuable for others.

Visionary Leadership: How to Create and Construct a Strong Vision – talk at the WBECS Pre-Summit

Global Leading Coaches Award! Marshall Goldsmith together with Thinkesr50!

Oleg Konovalov on the leader’s duties and how leadership duties affect the leaders themselves

Oleg Konovalov on Vision: 6 firm criteria to develop an effective leadership vision

Oleg Konovalov on Leadership and the Future: The Future is About Connecting Hearts

Oleg Konovalov on Corporate Culture and Leadership: Be a place of growth for your employees

What People Say About Oleg

“Great coaching on culture from a great thinker!”
Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers 50, #1 Leadership Thinker, #1 Executive Coach in the World
“Dr. Oleg Konovalov is also one of the most brilliant business minds of 2018 and for good reason.”

“Incredible value delivered in simple style and words.”

“It’s exciting to see an art of Oleg delivering complex issues in a simple, yet practical manner, and inspiring an audience to make a difference. I personally feel very much encouraged to challenge the current work and personal environment for a change.”
Artem Karasev, S7 Technics
“Organisational Anatomy” is a unique paradigm shift on business growth and planning that helps leaders develop a mindset that can focus on identifying specific problems and broad trends that can affect the future of your business.”
Charles Franklin, Small Business Trends, USA
“Oleg Konovalov is a deep thinker. He explores the role and function of modern corporate culture, sharing plenty of practical, philosophical and thought-provoking ideas that can take your business to the next level.”
Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert, NYT bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution
“Oleg Konovalov gets under the skin of the company as an organism, and explains how to help it function best.”
Courtney Fingar, Editor-in-chief, fDi Magazine (Financial Times)
“Organisational Anatomy is a ground-breaking and sophisticated new lens for managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, allowing increasing the performance of their organisations, and also, an interesting tool to diagnose problems and find innovative solutions.”
Paul Noon, UK Trade & Investment, UK
“Dr. Oleg Konovalov offers a new word in culture management and unlocking potentials for the XXI century businesses. Oleg sets new standards of understanding corporate culture as the main source of inner energy and critical metaphysical resources which define sustainable development and long-term success. The offered discussion exceeds patterned thinking, yet practical and appealing.”
H.E. Ms. Sania A. Ansari, Chair Person, Ansari Group


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