Oleg Konovalov


We live in a time of leadership blindness. All leaders claim to have a vision. At best, the vast majority are only pretending. In truth, about 0.1% of business, social, or political leaders actually can be called visionaries or visionary leaders.

What differentiates the true visionary leaders from those who wish to be? Being in a room with global visionaries, I was always amazed at how these people recognize each other. They flock together like birds of a feather. This begs the question – What are the common traits they all share that make them so inspiring and successful?

We all know that they are hardworking, creative, accountable, confident, very self-disciplined, and excellent communicators. They are very good at saying ‘no’ and are exceptional decision-makers. Visionaries’ values are always aligned with their purpose. These traits are fairly obvious.

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