Oleg Konovalov

If we consider culture as energy then metaphorically speaking we can say its positivity can be defined by the number of smiles in the office, every working day. What people feel at the end of the day is a reflection of the culture.

Culture is always unique, always tailor-made. At the same time, as no ideal beauty exists, there is no such thing as the creation of an ideal culture which would be praised by all. The reason is simple. Culture is only perfect to the extent of how people feel themselves in it and how it helps them to grow and achieve mutually accepted goals.

What people feel, their emotional and psychological state, matters a lot. This is defined by the openness of corporate culture, the positivity of emotions, consistency of leadership, and ease of interaction between hierarchical levels.

Smiles connect people and make communication easy and more effective. Smiling people are more socially connected and mutually involved and thus create a strong atmosphere of trust, respect and mutual support. Being positively attuned, employees are more open to exploring something new whether in professional or personal terms. They are open to inspiration and ready to challenge complex issues. Positivity adds physical energy and enthusiasm making work meaningful and easier to do.

Happiness and satisfaction of employees reside in a culture of mutual involvement that stimulates those smiles every day. People feel engaged and valued in such a culture. This is the culture where minutes of sincere support replace months and years of formal interaction. As a result, employees perform better which contributes immediately to a higher than average financial outcome.
Considering that an organisation’s performance comes as a sum of individual inputs, we can say that every smile is a sign of high individual performance. Overall it comes to millions in profit and sustainable growth.

If you want your people to smile today, then you should take care of employees’ positive emotions yesterday. Let your employees smile when leaving the office today and they will smile tomorrow as well. You will see an incredible surplus in outcome very soon, as well as more enthusiastic and energised employees.

As a leader or team member, how many smiles have you sparked on your colleagues’ faces today? How many smiles will you get tomorrow?