Oleg Konovalov

I believe that we can change the world and the way we live and work by the power of positive and bold thinking. Our thoughts are alive and nothing is more beautiful than a bold fresh idea that is brought into the world.

Since I remember I’ve been very curious about two things. My ‘why’ was cast to what restricts my dreams and ‘how’ I can do things differently to make life more interesting. I was thinking beyond what would be expected from a boy whose late childhood was in Monchegorsk at Kola Peninsula, one of those towns founded around Stalin’s gulags in the cold Arctic territories of northern Russia. In such places people are condemned to live a dull life of drudgery with little hope of improvement. Most of my classmates didn’t make it to their fiftieth birthday.

Life put me through different experiences – from facing gale eleven on a small trawler in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to the successful execution of global-scale business projects highlighted in international media, from having nothing at hand to being considered global thought leaders’ elite.

A few years back I found myself in a tough professional crisis after some heavy losses. I was exhausted, losing self-confidence, and had no clear idea of where to go. My previous achievements actually held me back, restricting forward-thinking and keeping me in a cycle, making the same mental mistakes again and again.

One day I asked myself a simple question – What is greater, my goals and dreams or my problems? My goals, without a doubt! The answer was so obvious and powerful that it hit me like a lightning strike.

I realized that if I was aiming to reach goals beyond my immediate needs, beyond my comfort zone, I needed to explore and adopt new ways of thinking every time I aimed for something new. I must create a new meaning for what at every stage of my life and professional development.

Life is meaningless and empty unless I make it meaningful. I’m responsible for making my life meaningful. The world’s beauties and wonders consist of fulfilled lives. I steal from the world if I’m not using my life purposefully.

As soon as I shifted my focus from myself to the world, I saw the beauties of this world, the awesomeness of tranquility, the miracle of a storm. I learned that I expand myself by giving and adding value to others and helping them to grow.

When we travel across continents we know we need to recover from the jet lag. When we mentally travel in time, from the present into the future, we need to consider a mind lag, the difference between the present state of the mind and one which is sufficient for the future we envision. Having vision means closing this mind gap towards the future.

Our thoughts have a phenomenal power of making a positive impact on our evolution in the way we live and work. We are the masters of our evolution, not merely the results of mindless processes. Positive visionary thinking defines a man-made evolution as a parallel to natural evolution. Whatever we do now is for the future where how positive our future will be depends on how positively we think about it.

I believe that my vision grows through being fed by knowledge, experience, instincts, bold and positive thinking, and when conscious awareness about what I want to do reaches its peak, I can whisper into the future’s ears what I want and it will agree and offer the answers.

Changing the world for better is difficult. Many have tried and failed. It demands dedication, vision and hard work. But it starts with a thought.

I believe that we can change the world and the way we live and work by the power of positive and bold thinking.